Employee Plus Program FAQs



Q: Who are Integrated Insurance Solutions? What is an Insurance Broker?

A: Integrated Insurance Solutions (IIS) is an insurance broker, meaning we work for the client’s best interest as opposed to a single company and we are not limited to selling one company’s products over another. We analyze each situation individually and provide a comprehensive quote based on our client’s needs.

Q: What is the Employee Plus program?

A: It is a program designed to offer discounted insurance or financial services to you as an employee of your employer. 

Q: What do I need to do to get this benefit?

A: This is a free benefit program to you; all you need to do is follow the link or QR code to the website. Once there, you will submit their information on the website and an IIS representative will contact you to discuss your discounted insurance quote.

Q: How long does it take to submit the information?

A: 2 minutes usually

Q: Will I receive spam emails by entering my information?

A: No, IIS prides itself on keeping our clients and prospective client’s data secured and private. We do

not sell any client information submitted.

Q: How is this a free service? How is the pricing discounted?

A: Within this program, our insurance providers are able to give us special pricing for our clients by having a larger number of clients insured with them. Our agency does not charge fees to run a quote for you or your employees.

Q: What carriers do you write through?

A: We have 30+ personal lines insurers we write through, and several more for life insurance. Visit our main website to view our insurers. www.integrated-usa.com

Q: What are next steps?

A: Click the link, enter your information, and wait for one of IIS representatives to call you and quote your discounted insurance.

Q: Do you have the ability to assist Spanish speaking employees?

A: Yes, both the website Myemployeeplus.com as well as our agency have English and Spanish options.

If you have additional questions or would like more information
about the program please contact us at