• 1. Reduce Speed & Observe the Posted Speed Limit at All Times
    • a. The National Safety Council® Defensive Driving Division reminds drivers that “Exceeding the posted speed limit or driving at an unsafe speed is the most common error in fatal accidents.”
  • 2. Wear Your Seatbelt at All Times
  • 3. Reduce Distractions and Stay Focused While Driving
    • a. The National Safety Council® Defensive Driving Division reminds drivers that “An estimated minimum of 28 percent of all traffic crashes (or 1.6 million accidents per year) are caused by drivers using cell phones and texting.”
  • 4. Do Not Drive Drowsy
    • a. The National Safety Council® Defensive Driving Division provides information and safety tips for reducing drowsy and fatigued driving.
  • 5. Drive Cautiously and Be Aware of Pedestrians, Especially in Residential Areas
    • a. The National Safety Council® Defensive Driving Division reminds drivers that “approximately 5,900 pedestrians are killed by automobiles every year; 85,000 pedestrians suffer nonfatal injuries and over 25% of pedestrians struck are under the age of 15 years old.”

The Need for Defensive Driving

Motor vehicle crashes are the No. 1 cause of occupational fatalities and the leading cause of death for ages 2-39 and ages 50-72. Plus, the increasing number of new drivers and vehicles on the road creates a continuing need for defensive driving training across all age groups.

NSC Partners to Save Lives

The National Safety Council has long been a partner with government agencies, nonprofit organizations, privately owned businesses and many others in the public and private sectors to improve traffic safety. Stronger laws and enforcement, coupled with effective campaigns managed or endorsed by NSC, have contributed to reductions in traffic deaths from impaired driving or distracted driving, non-use of seat belts and unsafe driving behaviors.

The Leader in Defensive Driving

In addition, NSC trains millions in defensive driving techniques, with more than 1.7 million participants annually-more than 67 million since 1964. We were the first national organization to offer defensive driving programs, and we’ve continued to innovate and set the standards in the field ever since. Since the original Defensive Driving Course program, NSC has expanded to more than 30 defensive driving courses offered in all 50 states and many foreign countries.

We are committed to ensuring that people get what they need from the NSC to drive defensively-knowledge, skills and perspective that will help them continue to prevent injuries and save even more lives. We continue to lead and join with other public and private sectors to educate and advocate for best practices in driver safety.

Our goal is to save even more lives by educating not only teens and parents of new drivers but, each and everyone of us who share our nation’s highways.

Luc Pentz Risk Manager